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Tourism information

The Far East to receive 3.7 billion for tourism infrastructure

The federal budget within the state program Development of Culture and Tourism for 2013–2020 provides funds for subsidies to the entities of the Federation to create infrastructure complexes for tourist clusters. 3,696.2 million rubles will be allocated to the Far Eastern regions for 2019-2021. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Yakutia Business School to develop a program for extreme tourism guides

extreme guide

The possibility of training specialized guides and instructors in extreme tourism in the Yakutia Business School is being considered in connection with the growth of the tourist flow to Oymyakon in winter. This was reported by the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism of the Republic Irina Vysokikh during the live broadcast Government LIVE.

Yakutia's three tourist events hit TOP 200 Best Events of Year

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The tourism industry development of the regions and the degree of their tourist attractiveness are assessed according to several criteria: the level of development of the hotel business and infrastructure, the importance of the tourism industry in the regional economy, the profitability of the tourism industry and hospitality in the region, etc.