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70-year-old Tamara Vasilieva won All-Russian Business Women Competition

tamara vasilieva
Tamara Egorovna - author of an exclusive tourist route, founder of Oymyakon history museum

Tamara Vasilieva became the winner of 14th All-Russian Success competition of business women. A resident of Oymyakon was awarded in the Success of My Life nomination in the field of tourism. The award ceremony took place at the Savoy Hotel in Moscow on December 8.

14 years ago, having retired, Tamara Vasilieva became the hostess of the 'Oymyakon' guest house, which was visited by tourists from 67 countries of the world since 2004.

She has developed an exclusive tourist route that introduces guests of the Pole of Cold to the culture of the peoples of Yakutia, national sports, ice fishing and unique breeds of Yakut animals. Also, foreign and Russian tourists receive a certificate of visiting the coldest settlement in the world from the hands of the Lord of Cold, Chyskhaan. Tamara Egorovna is the author of many books and articles devoted to her homeland, founder of the local history museum. More than thirty films about the Pole of Cold were made with her help. A local historian, an honorary citizen of the Oymyakon Ulus, Tamara Vasilieva, is 70 years old, she has 11 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

- Victory in this competition provides an opportunity, first of all, to look at the done work from the outside. And the high assessment obtained gives confidence that in the scale of the tourism industry of the country Yakutia is on the right path. We are doing everything possible so that people all over the world know about our republic and come here to feel the breath of the Pole of Cold. I hope my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will continue my work to which I have dedicated the last 14 years after retirement, Tamara Vasilieva said after the awards ceremony.

The goal of 14th All-Russian Business Women Competition ‘Success-2018’ is to increase the role of a business woman, socially active in life of the state and society, to unlock the potential of women in solving regional development tasks.