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14-year-old Yaroslav Egorov heads the national team of Yakutia at ‘Children of Asia’ Games

  • Published in Sport
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He will carry the flag of the Republic at the opening ceremony of the Games on February 9

The captain of the national team of Yakutia at 1st International Winter ‘Children of Asia’ Games is 14-year-old rearguard of the hockey team Yaroslav Egorov.

When choosing a captain, the opinion of both children and coaches was taken into account. But the main criterion was sporting achievements.

Yaroslav Egorov, a seventh grader of school number 20 of Yakutsk and rearguard of the Yakutia ice-hockey team. He is the winner of the Russian championship in hockey, and more than once received cups as the best rearguard.

“I've been in hockey since I was three, thanks to my dad. Now my parents are very proud of me. In the future, I dream of connecting my life with hockey and getting into the KHL or the NHL,” the young athlete briefly told about himself.