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Republic's capital to host 'Days of Sakhalin in Yakutia'

  • Published in InFocus
Days of Sakhalin in Yakutia

Sakhalin will acquaint Yakutia with tourist products of the region

'Days of Sakhalin in Yakutia' will be held in the capital of the republic December 20 - 25. Representatives of the region will acquaint the residents of Yakutia with the tourist products of the region, as well as explore what Yakutia has to offer.

The event will include an exhibition, a presentation of the tourist potential of the island region and a conference in the question-answer format.

December 21 - 25, Sakhalin tour operators Mega Tour and Sodruzhestvo will hold B2B meetings with Yakut colleagues and study the tourist products of Yakutia in order to offer them to Sakhalin residents.

All events will take place at the AZIMUT Polar Star Hotel in Yakutsk.