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Yakutia no longer needs to import cement

  • Published in Economy

On the Day of Russia, an important event took place for the construction industry of Yakutia.

On June 12, JSC Yakutcement launched the third technological line for cement production. The construction of the line was implemented within the framework of the investment project "Expansion and reconstruction of cement production to a capacity of 500 thousand tons of clinker per year." With the introduction of additional capacities, the company will be able to completely cover the republic's cement needs, reports the press service of the head and the government of the republic.

The new line includes a stove compartment with a kiln with a capacity of 22.5 tons of clinker per hour and a cement grinding unit with a separator mill with a capacity of 100 tons per hour. According to the general director of Yakutcement Alish Mamedov, with its launch at the plant, 80 new jobs have been opened.


The head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev stressed that Yakutcement has been positioning as the flagship of the construction industry of Yakutia for almost 50 years of its existence. Despite such a difficult time for the country's economy, the management of Vostokcement LLC found the opportunity to invest over 3.5 billion rubles in the construction of modern and high-tech production. For this he expressed special gratitude to the general director of this company Viktor Ivanov.

"Over the past years, 1 million 800 thousand square meters of housing was commissioned in the city of Yakutsk. The commissioning of the third technological line with a capacity of 500 thousand tons of cement a year will fully cover the need for this building material not only in Yakutsk, but throughout the republic," said Aisen Nikolaev.

Photo: Andrey Sorokin, YSIA