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ALROSA will reduce vehicle fleet costs due to satellite monitoring system

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More than 1.3 thousand vehicles of general purpose on the production sites of ALROSA are equipped with a GPS / GLONASS system of Wialon vehicles monitoring. The Company is one of the first in the country to implement the project on this scale. With the help of the new system, ALROSA expects to reduce the real mileage of vehicles by 10-15% and provide significant fuel savings.

Monitoring is carried out with the help of trackers installed on vehicles that collect and send information about the location of the car, the speed, the volume of fuel, etc., through special sensors to the server. Motor vehicles connected to the GLONASS / GPS monitoring system are displayed online or viewed in the record for any period of time. In the case of "falling out" of transport from the coverage area of the GSM network, the data is accumulated in the memory of the tracker and transmitted to the server at the time it hits the reception area.

"Thus, the human factor is excluded from the control system of basic technological indicators, such as mileage, speed, travel time, - says Deputy Chief Engineer for Industrial Automation of ALROSA Sergei Antikuz. - The introduction of this software platform on all motor vehicles of the Company of general purpose improves labor discipline, excludes the misuse and irrational use of transport, provides constant monitoring of travel, parameters of activity and condition of vehicles in real time, allows monitoring the operating conditions and technical condition of the vehicle fleet and equipment and much more."

Last year 129 units of Almazdortrans production management vehicles were involved in pilot-industrial tests of a new satellite monitoring system. At the end of the pilot project, a decrease of 10-15% of the real mileage of vehicles and, as a result, a significant reduction in fuel consumption was recorded. Also decreased the cost of the fleet as a whole.  Positive test results confirmed the need for widespread implementation of this system.

The contractor organization "Ladiya Telematika" from the city of Nakhodka was engaged in equipping the system of GPS \ GLONASS-monitoring of Wialon hourly traffic in ALROSA. Works were conducted from May to October this year.
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