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Economic crisis is not hindrance to light industry of Yakutia

  • Published in Economy
Экон кризис не помеха
Director of "Yakutia" Technopark Anatoly Semenov believes that the crisis can contribute to the revival of light industry in the republic and further strengthening of international relations.

"There is progressatthe international level, because we are working closely with the Association of technology parks in South-East Asia," - he told YSIA.

According to Anatoly Semenov, next yearthey will havedirect investment from China.Construction of blocks and bricks production plantwill startin the industrial park of Yakutsk. "Yakutia" industrial parkisalways interested in implementingexport-orientedprojects, asit isnot restricted in terms of investment.

The first export contract to supply nanocomposite chicken feed additivestoChinawas signed last year. The additives help chicken to assimilate food, thus, thegrowth of weight of bird is from 12% to 18%.

Currently, "Taba" companyhasinteresting exportdirections,such asproduction of deer antler creams, scrub of mammoth tusk chips.

According to the industrial park director,given thefall of the ruble against the yuan,thedomestic producers have a chance to create a healthy competitionto light Industry of China."Local production can compete not only inprice, but alsoin quality, where we clearlyareable toexceedthe Chinese. Therefore, such companies asSakhabult has got a realgood tendency to occupy a niche in the market,"- YSIA interlocutor said.

In 2014 the number of "Yakutia"technopark residents has increased to 67 and the number of jobs created was more than 500.According to preliminary data,the volume of output achieved 225 million rubles, taxes in the amount of 59 million rubleswere paidat all levels of budgets.