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Documentary film about Yakutia qualified for an Oscar

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The documentary ‘The Story of the Coldest Inhabited Place’ is qualified for an Oscar nomination in Best Documentary Short Film category

The film is a project of three fellow students from the International Film School in Paris Dominik Bari (director, Slovakia), Felipe Paiva (cameraman, Brazil), Petr Vinokurov (production manager, Yakutia). Maria Romanova (Yakutia) was a local manager and translator.

The film was shot in the winter of 2017 in Oymyakon. The goal of the project is to show the life, everyday routine, culture of the villagers in one of the most remote corners, as well as in the coldest inhabited place on the planet.


Dominik Bari: “During filming, our equipment often failed due to extremely low temperatures. Nevertheless, we managed to capture the life of the inhabitants, their unique culture, language and traditions. It was surprising to communicate with people and learn how they live in such conditions. The lowest temperature during our stay in Oymyakon was -54 ° C.”

As Petr Vinokurov tells, the idea of the film came to Dominik after he learned more about Yakutia and its features from him. “Dominik had heard of Yakutia, of course, but he could not believe that the thermometer was down to -70 ° C. Having found out a lot about Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon, he decided to make a film about the latter, since in open sources there was not a single documentary film about it, except for several television reports,” says Petr.

While in Yakutia, Dominik was impressed by the kindness, openness and hospitality of the locals. “They helped us everywhere, in Yakutsk, Oymyakon. We are very grateful to all the Yakut people and will definitely return here,” says Dominik. « In addition, the Yakutians are extremely endurant and strong. It's incredible how our driver indefatigably drove a thousand kilometers along a winter road for 21 hours in the fierce frosts.”

Felipe Paiva: “It was a very good experience. It was difficult to adapt to such cold and difficult living conditions, especially in Oymyakon. However, the most beautiful thing in Yakutia is amazing and educated people who live and prosper far from world events.”

The film about Oimyakon received prizes, and also got into the official program of international film festivals in Los Angeles, Prague, Berlin, Vienna, etc.

The Academy Award qualification for the Academy Award means that the film is among the 80 best short documentaries lasting no more than 40 minutes. In turn, these films will qualify for the Oscar shortlist.

Crew in Oymyakon
Petr Vinokurov: “No production companies or major distributors gave support to our film. Our budget was very limited. We were just afire with enthusiasm for the film."

At the moment, Dominik lives and is pursuing a master's degree in London, and has a background in visual effects. Felipe lives and works in Paris as a photojournalist. Petr lives in Paris, specializes in directing and editing, and is working on several artistic and documentary projects.
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