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Kolmar intends to create a business chain on coking coal

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Coal mining company Kolmar intends to create a closed business chain for the production and enrichment of coking coal in South Yakutia, its transportation to the port of Vanino and further sales, according to materials for 3rd Eastern Economic Forum.

The initiator of this investment project is Kolmar LLC. Currently, the project is under construction and installation works.

The total amount of necessary investments in the project is 32.4 billion rubles. 14.2 billion rubles have already been invested in the project; of which 13.7 billion rubles are the Company's own funds. To complete the project, it is necessary to attract more investments - 18.2 billion rubles.

Currently, Kolmar has contracts for the supply of coking coal concentrate with Baosteel Resources, JFE, PJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MOEX: MAGN), for the supply of thermal coal - with JSC Far Eastern Generating Company, on spot deliveries of a concentrate of coked coal - with Guangxi Metallurgy Group. The Company also intends to supply coals to Capital Steel, CNBM, Jidong Cement (China), Nippon Steel, Posco, Hyundai Steel (South Korea), JSW (India), Hoa Phat Energy JSC (Vietnam).